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What If?: Choral score (pdf)


Part of the ‘Through God’s Eyes’ cantata


Section 13 of the cantata Through God’s Eyes

4′ 36″

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Included downloads:

  • 8 page pdf (Choral Score)
  • Full audio file mp3

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“1.What if Adam hadn’t disobeyed our Maker, or if Noah wasn’t clever with his hands,
What if God hadn’t given us the rainbow or changed His mind before it all began?
What if Abraham had scoffed at God’s salvation, or if Sarah hadn’t given him a son,
What if Joseph had died on the road to Pharaoh, or Miriam had disobeyed her Mum?
We would have to be born Jewish for salvation, and the priests would be covered in blood,
We may still be wandering in the burning desert, trying to learn lessons of His love.

2.What if Moses had doused the burning bushes, or if then he’d answered God with ‘no,’
What if Aaron hadn’t wished to help his brother, or if Pharaoh wouldn’t let the people go?
What if Samuel had slept through God’s quiet calling, or if David wasn’t found when Samuel called,
What if David hadn’t written ‘The Lord’s My Shepherd,’ we wouldn’t know the shepherd’s love at all.
We would now have to live beneath the pyramids that our ancestors built with honest toil?
Would our dreams lie hopeless in the daily struggle, never knowing God’s redeeming love?

3.What if Esther hadn’t saved the Jews in Persia, what if Deborah had been a stay-home mum,
What if Ruth and Naomi weren’t together, maybe Boaz would never have a son,
What if Solomon had never asked for wisdom, or if Elijah hadn’t heard the small voice there,
What if Daniel and his friends were the lion’s dinner, or Samson hadn’t blabbed about his hair?
In this fabric made from many threads and colours, we’re the weft and warp in God’s great plan,
He alone can see the final pattern, He alone redeems

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