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The Magi: Unison (pdf)


Section 8 of the ‘Heaven Sent’ cantata

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The Magi:

The narration of the wise men’s coming to Bethlehem (based on Matthew 2:1-15)

Choir 2’06”

Files available:

  • 3 page pdf (In unison)
  • full audio mp3 file
Sample audio



“It was believed from days of old, a king would come, His birth foretold,
Then came a sign for all to see, and men were led to Galilee.


1.Wise men searching following a star rode on the Bethlehem,
Seeking the Messiah they rode to Jerusalem,
Saw King Herod and the royal court, asked them of the royal birth they sought,
‘Who’s the one Who’s born King of the Jews?’

2.Herod called a meeting of the elders, no time did he waste,
Where the threatening royal birth was going to take place.
Saw his chance to eliminate a rival, hatched a plot to use the wise men,
But the Lord had warned them in a dream.

3.When the wise men saw the royal child their search was at an end,
Giving gifts to honour him they worshipped Him and left.
God warned Joseph of the pending danger, sent them into Egypt fleeing South,
But the evil followed in their wake.

It was the Son of God Who came, our world will never be the same,
The prophets told us that He’d come, God’s gift to us, His royal Son.”

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