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Joseph: Choral score (pdf)


A song in unison in softshoe-shuffle style. Part of the ‘Through God’s Eyes’ cantata

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Section 8 of the cantata Through God’s Eyes

3′ 30″ ~ Unison

A song in unison telling the story of Joseph in softshoe-shuffle style

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Included downloads:

  • 6 page pdf (Choral score only)
  • Full audio file mp3

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“It was the brightly coloured coat that made the favourite gloat,
He is always first in father’s eyes, his arrogance we do despise.
We haven’t any chance with all this arrogance it was the brightly coloured coat!

Joseph had a dream one night and he told his eleven brothers,
How when they were reaping sheaves his was bowed to by the others.
His attitude caused jealousy and grumbling in all the clan
And when he told another one that was when the hatred began.
‘How dare he tell us of his dreams, his pride it too extreme,
We have egos, feelings too, his attitude we’ll make him rue,
With all his insolence we have no clear defence he flaunts his brightly coloured coat.’

Once when tending Jacob’s sheep Joseph was sent to Shechem,
To check on all the brothers and the flocks that were there with them.
As Joseph neared his brothers they saw him as a spy,
They plotted against him and this was their battle cry.
‘Grab him, get his coat! We’ll teach him to gloat,
Let’s kill, no draw out the torture – like a lamb that’s led to slaughter,
Throw him in the well, a slave we now can sell come on and grab him, get his coat!’

Conniving to get their story straight for Jacob and his mother
They told their father how it was wild animals killed their brother,
They had his coat all stained with blood as proof of his demise,
But knew guilt as they saw the pain in their father’s eyes.
Joseph found himself in chains and sold to passing traders,
Survival was his only aim as hope of rescue faded,
Many years in Egypt saw him blessed but still a slave,
But when Pharaoh made him Grand Vizier life was never the same.
Then famine reigned, to Egypt came, Imagine our surprise to see our brother didn’t die.
Finally reconciled, forgiven and a lesson taught.”

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