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Fishers of Men: Choir score (pdf)


Section 12 from the cantata ‘Heaven Sent’

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The beginning of Christ’s ministry (based on Matthew 4:18-22)

Choir 2′

Available files:

  • 6 page pdf (Choir score)
  • full audio mp3
Sample audio



“1.Walking by Galilee watching the fishermen, casting their boats and nets into the sea,
Jesus called out to them ‘Come be my fishermen, come, come, be fishers of men.’

2.Walking the mountainside, choosing the twelve He’ll guide,
Teaching them, sending them into the world,
Facing the heartache, rejection and ignorance, ‘Come, come be fishers of men.’

3.All through our history God touched Humanity, Giving us life and hope, bringing release,
What in return can we give but obedience?
We have been called, we have been called by the Lord to be fishers of men.”

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